05 August 2015

I Want to Hear Your Stories - Writing Prompts

I was originally planning on throwing another rantish post at you today (I have so many lined up!), but after an hour and half long battle-to-the-nap with my 8 month old, I want something a bit more laid back. So today, I'm encouraging you to get involved.

Bewitching Momma is my campfire project. These aren't just my stories, my opinions, my rants, my jokes, and whatever else. Those are just the tinder to get the real fire started. I want to hear your stories. Share your rants, your ideas, whatever is on your mind. We all have something to share, and there is always someone out there somewhere who will benefit from something you have to say. So go on and say it!

Use today's prompts to inspire you to write your next comment, blog post, status update, tweet, novel, or whatever. Just be sure to share a link to it in the comments here so we can check it out!

  1. Do you believe in an afterlife? What do you think happens?
  2. Have you ever gone on a ghost hunt? Any interesting findings?
  3. How do you handle your anger when you just don't want to deal with anything else?
  4. What's your take on Angels, Spirit Guides, and Totem Animals?
  5. A man, a lion, and an angry mob.... (You tell us what happens!)
And for my story writers out there looking for a plot idea:
  • Protagonist on a quest to find the love of his/her life - on another planet. (Because the one s/he's on sucks.)
  • Antagonist finds creative ways to sabotage protagonist's ship. Bonus points if antagonist is a protagonist from another story.
  • Incorporate a one-handed tax attorney somewhere in the story. Bonus points if s/he lost the hand to a cicada.
  • Give the protagonist a sidekick who will twist the plot at an unsuspected moment by accidentally getting involved with the searched for love in some way.
Remember to share your stories with us! If you take on the plot idea, definitely keep us posted on your project. I can't wait to read your answers!

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