31 July 2015

From Moon to Moon - My First Full Moon Goals

Under 2 weeks into blogging and I'm already (indirectly) invited to a link party (does this mean I'm cooler now than when I was in high school?). Thank you, The Faolan Girl, for sharing your link-up in the Pagan Writers Page!

The Faolan Girl

Considering the chaos in my life, some goal-setting is much appreciated. Since this is my first Full Moon Goals, I'll just highlight achievements of the past month.

1. Got settled into our relatives' place despite movers messing up.
It was a pain. I'll be sure to write about it in the near future.

2. Had my first job interview only days into my search.
I'm fairly certain the guy called in everyone who applied and I totally bombed all of 30 seconds I got, but I'm still counting it.

3. Didn't break down emotionally.
Stay-at-home mom with 6 month old has her husband abandon them with no money, pending eviction, having to sell or donate all her belongings, and plan a cross-country move... Yeah, this was major.

So now to set some goals from now to the next full moon. I'm feeling 5 is the lucky number.

1. Secure steady employment or be on track to do so.
I'm staying open to new training opportunities if I can qualify for assistance.

2. Find a good daycare for Gabe.
This is assuming we'll afford to have a choice.

3. Finish reading Penczak's The Mighty Dead
Christopher signed it for me 2 years ago at INATS when it first came out. The Mighty Ones keep distracting me!

4. Post to my forums at least once a week.
It won't be a priority with everything that's going on if I don't make it one.

5. Play with Gabe everyday.
No more of that whole "let him cry because I have too much to do" business everyone insists I stick to. Applications don't get bumped to the top of the pile just because I submit a tiny bit faster than if I take the time to address his emotional and bonding needs.

Find out how well I do at the next full moon. Until then, what goals are you working on? If you've got a blog, why not join in the party? (Click the Full Moon Goals banner above.)

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Parent Freak Out! Moldy Contigo Bottles for Kids

Since the last post was lengthy and I'm determined to work on using less words these days, I bring you my second rage comic!

Mom freaks out when she sees mold in her baby's water bottle. Cleaning it only makes it worse.
Everywhere I looked, people claimed that as long as you clean as per instructions, there won't ever be mold. Lies! All lies!
So if you want to know about the bottle in question, it was a couple of plastic Contigo water bottles for kids from this 3 pack on Amazon (note: I bought it from Costco).

When I first saw mold in one of the bottles, I upped the diligence in cleaning them by hand and putting them in the dishwasher. It came out of the dishwasher with a disturbing amount of mold (think month-old petri dish).

Then I looked up reviews because I was sure there must be some trick to it. They're mixed. Several complaining of mold with no solution. Everyone else claiming that you won't ever see mold if you just follow the cleaning instructions. Well, then. Guess I got the bad batch.

My best guess is the mold popped up because I put half juice half water in the bottles instead of plain water. Once there's mold, there's no getting it out of all those complicated little pieces no matter what you do.

Doesn't really matter. Gabe had tummy troubles around the same time so I threw those bottles out. His tummy is all better now. No more Contigo for us!

Ever dealt with moldy bottles? Share your frustrations below!

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29 July 2015

Why I'm Done Doing What Everyone Else Says I Should

In The Skeptic Psychic post I mentioned that my skeptical nature causes me problems sometimes and that I'd elaborate later. Well, this post is going to go over a major part of it.

Like other sensitives, intuitives, psychics, mediums, etc. I'm often confronted with questions like, "How didn't you see that coming?" or "Didn't you know that was going to happen?" or "If you already knew, why did/didn't you do it that way?" Sometimes it's from naysayers. Others who know I'm not full of crap will sincerely wonder these things. Looking at events in my life over the past few years, even I have to wonder if I'm delusional.

Well, the truth is, it's not delusion. It's not even wishful thinking. It's knowing one thing, but putting my trust in something else. It's a common problem among those of us with special gifts; we're taught to put more weight into the larger group - who aren't as sensitive - than our own instincts.

Whenever I've followed my inner knowing, things worked out. Maybe not necessarily the way I wanted them to, but life moved in positive directions. When I listened to everyone around me, despite all their words, opinions, advice, etc. going against my inner knowing, life moved in not so good ways. Sometimes the bad things were quick to pop up. Other times, it was a slow progression that easily goes back to that decision.

Let me give you a few examples.

All through high school, I was drawn to the Army, but told it wasn't for me, that I couldn't do it, I'd hate it, I wouldn't fit in. Blah, blah, blah. It took me a whole year after high school and looking into the military over and over again for me to ditch what everyone told me and just do it. The Army was the best thing that ever happened to me. Sure, that career was cut far shorter than I wanted it to, but at least I got the experiences, skills, and perspectives I needed to become a better person than I was.

College. Oh, college. That's the one everyone insisted I needed to do, even strangers. At the end of high school, I finally listened to that voice that told me it wasn't for me at the time. Good move. Life would have been worse.

But when I got out of the Army, the media and society insisted I wouldn't get a job without a degree (never mind that I was a requested temp with a positive employment outlook as a recently separated service member). I ignored that voice that told me not to do it and pursued a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Years later, my writing went from loved to hard to swallow as I couldn't break the academic writing habits outside of work and school, my student debt that I paid on while still in school is skyrocketing without an income to pay any of it back, and I found myself in Colorado employment limbo. I was overqualified for jobs anyone should be able to get. I was under-qualified for jobs the degree was supposed to get me (because I lacked the required experience employers wanted in addition to the degree), and the available jobs in the middle were slim with steep competition from the hundreds to thousands who listened to society (just like me!).

The college one ties in with the house situation. Now, I liked the idea of owning a home. I felt it was a good move. One day. But instead of following that voice that said to give it time to find the perfect one, I bought into the thinking that I had to have it as soon as I had a permanent job. As soon as I came across a house I liked, in a neighborhood that seemed compatible, I jumped on it because that's what I was advised to do if something I liked could even so much as maybe sell before I really thought it through. I even ignored that deep inner feeling that my realtor felt she should be talking me out of it. Instead, I took comfort that my trusty professional would advise me against it if that was best.

Biggest mistake ever. That house was nice. I loved living there. But there were many problems with it. Once my GI Bill money ran out, I quickly became overwhelmed with the cost of the mortgage, taxes, and yard maintenance. Never mind something was always starting to leak or needing replaced. Let's just say that didn't end well. And that particular house would never have been anywhere near my budget if I hadn't gone to college and had that GI Bill safety net when I went house shopping.

(Looking back on the college thing, if I had listened to the inner knowing and waited, I could have switched my GI Bill over to the newer variants they have now. I could be going to college for a more specialized degree, attending a great school, and afford to care for my son without depending on others for support. Damn.)

Don't get me wrong. I had some happy moments during these past few years. And I can tie most of them to following my own inner voice and dancing to my own beat.

Problem is, I got so fed up listening to people telling me what was logically, scientifically, rationally best for me that I dove into the total opposite side of the spectrum. I started listening to people who told me to trust my feelings and desires.

Now if you're the sensitive/psychic type like me, you're likely familiar with this dilemma. Sometimes, the feelings and desires we perceive to be our own really belongs to someone else in our proximity. Likewise, our true feelings and desires don't always match what the inner knowing has to say. So the more people told me to follow my "heart," the worse life seemed to get. Cue bad choices in roommates in an attempt to save my house, an ex who tried to run me in with a sword (oh, make sure I tell you about that one later!), quitting a job and marrying a man who turned out to be a conman, and then staying married to that man when red flags started to pop up.

(If you want to know the truth, the "follow your heart" influences were the typical New Agey types who either have some merchandise or service they want you to buy regardless of its authenticity or are the type who will buy up merchandise and/or services they can't afford even if they don't need them.)

Now this is where the naysayers are quick to tell me I'm delusional if I think I'm psychic. Following my heart clearly didn't do a damned bit of good. True statement. But if I had listened to that inner knowing, the "voices," the instincts that stand outside of what everyone else tells me, outside of wants and desires, outside of romantic dreams, outside of purely skeptical thinking, the choices I made would have been much different. And much better for me.

So I'm done. Past fed up. No more listening to anyone not my instincts. That's not to say I don't care what people have to share or that I'll ignore advice. To the contrary, I'm always open to that. After all, I'm incredibly far from all-knowing. What I'm saying is that from here on out, no more ignoring the inner "voice" when it tells me that there's a different path for me, something's not right, or that guides me to a different decision from the norm.

Now that I've got all that off my chest, what has your experience with listening to others been? Do things work out better when you dance to your own drum? Or when you follow the guidance of others in your life? Do rational choices work out best? Or does following the messages in dreams, visions, readings, or hard-to-describe feelings pave the way to your happiness?

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27 July 2015

Reading Fun for the Week of July 27th - August 2nd 2015

Mondays are busy, and dull. Stuff you didn't get done last week and anything that popped up over the weekend piles up. Mondays just suck. So, because I don't like Mondays, we're going to do something fun to make them better! Every Monday, I will post a brief reading for the week. It's a general reading for Bewitching Momma readers (or anyone who happens across this blog during the week). I'll typically stick to cards, though I may occasionally throw in some other mediums. Anything to make Monday less of a drag!

Today's reading comes from the Celestial Tarot deck. It's a 3 card reading, asking about the energy for the week and anything you, my readers, need to know.

Eight of Wands (reversed)*
I The Magician
Prince of Wands (reversed)*

This week's energy appears to be all about purging the old and committing to the new. Whether what you're losing is burned away intentionally or comes as a complete surprise, you're accepting of the losses. Getting rid of the old's clearing up some stuff you'd really like to be rid of anyway (like negative relationships, sources of conflict, fears, etc.).

You're in control now and know exactly how to harness your power. You're standing strong and communications will run smoothly on your part. Make sure you take advantage of this now as you're about to start a new venture or project that needs all that confidence and energy!

The path ahead will be long and require discipline and commitment. But don't be discouraged! You'll reach your goal and have teachers, mentors, and other examples who will inspire you along the way. Keep your focus on the path ahead, as now isn't the time to look back!

Now it's your turn to chime in! Did you do a reading for the week? What guidance did you receive? Do you disagree with today's reading? As the week progresses, keep us posted and let us know how your week went!

*I don't put much weight into whether or not a card is reversed. I include that information for those who are doing their own interpretations.

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25 July 2015

Seriously, Yahoo? WTF!

A couple months back, Yahoo Mail went and made another stupid change. Usually I adapt and get over them, but having all my emails separated by annoying bars telling me which ones are from today, yesterday, a couple days ago, last week, etc. makes me rage quit and ignore my inbox entirely.

Apparently, other Yahoo users agree. Search for "how to get rid of yahoo mail date bars" and you'll find tons of results from or about angry users. You'll find complaints on Reddit, across Yahoo! Answers (like this one), and there's even a Facebook group of complaints including this outrage over forced segregation of emails.

My message to Yahoo: If our inbox is cluttered with old emails, that's what folders are for. Don't assume you know how we think!

My fix is just switch to Basic view in the Settings menu, but the Basic view is terrible, seriously out-dated, and makes modern correspondence difficult at times. So, even though it makes Yahoo Mail bearable, I constantly have to "Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail" to do simple things and then back to Basic again.

This new feature - with no way to shut it off - is boggling to me. Even more-so when you consider the Android app version is just like the new Yahoo mail, only without the date separations. It's like they're saying, "Hi, we're the new Yahoo. If you aren't mobile, we hate you. Here's some stuff you don't want, never asked for, and we will defend to the death because we're better than you. Have a nice day!"

Now, there's apparently a fix using AdBlock Plus, but in all honesty, I think it's time to just ditch Yahoo. They don't care about their users, so why should we give a rat's ass about them? (Granted, I'm the same woman who stopped using Facebook for worse reasons, and most people are annoyed with me about it instead of the other way around. Apparently, the worse a company treats us, the stronger our loyalty should be? Hmmm....)

What's your take on the newest Yahoo Mail? Feel free to rant about it below!

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24 July 2015

What's in Your Cauldron?

Updating my reading list here at Blogger, I came across the Mom’s a Witch blog and quickly fell in love with the Blog prompts. So, in true social conformist fashion, I’m going to use one for this post.

Do I have a cauldron? Why yes, I certainly do. After Gabe’s dad walked out on us, I had to sell and donate almost everything we owned. When it came to my witch tools, supplies, and other goodies, I restricted myself to the bare essentials (far less than you New Agers imagine). I considered my cauldron to be one of them.

You may think it’s strange that I would consider a heavy, cast-iron cauldron to be an essential item at a time like that. Maybe a few survivalist types would get it if I mention it can double as a cooking pot.

But the truth is, the cauldron’s that tool that keeps working even when you forget about it. It’s like a mirror of your unconscious mind. Things go in there and they’ll impact your life until you address them. Be careful of what you put in there, because what goes in manifests in your daily life.

So let me tell you about a stupid thing I did.

Awhile back, I was working on releasing some negative habits and feelings. Basically, you do this by calling up the thing you want to get rid of about yourself. You really feel it until you are very nearly overwhelmed by it. You write it down on a piece of paper, transferring all those emotions and associations into the paper. You come back to it later on, tap into it (not as strongly this time) and then burn the paper, releasing the thing you want gone. You feel it draining away from you and consciously commit to never letting that thing be a part of you again.

For the non-witchy types, this technique can be used at any time. But for us witchies who like to spin a little magick into things of this nature, it’s pertinent that the burning of the paper occurred during the waning moon, closest to the New Moon as possible.

Now, at the time, I had a lot of things I wanted to purge after an in-depth self-evaluation. Since these techniques don’t really work in bulk, I limited myself to just a couple things per moon cycle. Where did I store my little pieces of paper with the things I didn’t want in my life anymore? In a cauldron! Because, you know, it made sense at the time…

Looking back, that was okay. Putting them in the cauldron helped manifest the energy that these things needed to be addressed. Problem was, I still had a few left when life through a couple wrenches in and those little pieces of paper sat in that particular cauldron for a couple years. It wasn’t so much that I’d forgotten all about them, but when I did remember, it was never the right time.

When I finally got around to purge those last things, I couldn’t help but notice which ones they were. They were the exact negative traits and things that had been central in my life during the past couple years; the very things I couldn’t seem to get past! Leaving them in the cauldron had ensured they remained manifest in my life.

So now, whenever my cauldron isn’t actively in use, I make sure it’s never empty. I put in symbols, words, and other objects to help draw in the things I need and want in my life. If the cauldron acts as a mirror to my unconscious mind, I’d rather be affected by positive things that help both my life and the lives of those around me.

What do you put in your cauldron? Even if you don’t have an actual cauldron or aren’t the witchy-type, imagine a cauldron, grail, or even just a cardboard box you’d stick in your attic. What’s in there right now?

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23 July 2015

The Real Teletubby Scandal You Missed

You know this one: Cute but weird creatures with TV screens in their bellies playing around, having fun, and watching videos. There's even a baby laughing in the sun. What could be the problem? Well, the big purple one - who happened to be a boy - decided he wanted to wear a tutu and carry around a purse. Oh, the horrors. A boy who wants to cross-dress (not really, but those who didn't follow the show wouldn't know that). He must be gay. How dare the show portray that as a good thing. Cue a big debate to try to get the show off the air.

What's so wrong with loving your man-purse?
Today, the loud-mouth voices who'd still have anything negative to say about that would go largely ignored. So why am I bringing them up over 14 years later?

Because the way things are today, I think the show brainwashed us.

I don't care that Tinky-Winky carried a bag. I actually loved that he was comfortable with himself to go dancing in a tutu. I'm not talking about the possible homosexual undertones of the show.

I'm talking about the attitude toward technology and the relationship with the world around us.

How Teletubbies Brainwashed Us All
  • Focus on characters who have TVs in their bellies.
  • Everything cues some video to watch.
The Real Message:
  • You will carry a piece of technology with you everywhere you go.
  • It is so important and vital to your existence that you will treat it as a part of your own body.
  • Interacting with your environment is encouraged, but remember it's all about fun and laughter.
  • Anything that may happen - especially if it interferes with previous point - remember, there's a video (read: app) for that.
I've been accused of thinking too much, but you have to admit, it's a curious thing that this show aired around the time when technology (internet, home computers, cell phones, etc.) first showed up in everyone's homes, schools, and work places. (Yes, my younger readers, those things were limited to the elite not so long ago.)

Now, a decade and a half later, nearly everyone has a cell phone and at least one means of accessing the internet (where you can watch videos!). And, we are plugged in.

Did Teletubbies prep us to become addicted to technology, almost to the point of zombies in some cases? (Read Digital Zombies: The Age Where Kids Don’t Look Up, and Barely Go Outside Anymore over at TruthSteam Media for another view of this.) You decide.

What other hidden messages have you noticed in early childhood shows?

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22 July 2015

The Skeptic Psychic

You think you know me. I’m that hippie chick who believes in things “rational” and “sane” and “scientific” people are quick to dismiss.

I call myself a Witch. I know spells are real and work. I talk about mythology like historical events. Trees and stones are my friends. If you ask me what I think about Jesus (or any other God, Goddess, Elemental, Angel, dead guy, etc.), I won’t fail to mention something about chatting with him just the other day. I will not back down about the authenticity of Astrology, talk about channeling energy like it’s part of everyone’s daily routine, and promise you I’ve lived as an incarnate human on earth far more than just this once.

Without personal experiences, skills, and looking in-depth into the science behind these and other things, you probably won’t believe in them and be quick to call me naïve or silly or stupid or any number of other negative things.

Or you’re on the other side of spectrum and believe me in all these things, plus a whole lot of other stuff that’s just naïve, silly, stupid, or something else not-so-nice-of-me-to-say.

“Did she really just say that?” Yes. Yes, I did.

Because synchronicity exists and seemingly related things are related and do mean something. But so do coincidences, and seemingly related things aren’t related and don’t mean anything.

Because extraterrestrials, ghosts, angels, fairies, Sasquatch, parallel universes, and Gods exist. But they are not the answer to every question. They shouldn’t be your go-to response. They aren’t the only possible answers to the yet to be solved mysteries of the Universe. (Or just to questions like, "What was that sound?")

Because words have power, intention is powerful, sacred objects can be powerful, traditions can be effective, and these things can manifest real changes. But saying some words with intention while lighting a candle and waving some tool around so many times in such-and-such direction alone is not going to make your wish come true no matter how badly you want it to.

Somewhere along the line, despite terrible excuses for parents and a pretty shitty (when not outright neglectful) upbringing, I was raised to be rational. I was taught to find answers. I yearned for Truth, no matter what form it took and regardless of whether or not it was going to hurt my feelings.

I was trained to be critical of information that came my way. I was taught to never trust the first thing I hear and to doubt what I was told. I don’t take the easy way. I go digging and will take my time scrutinizing everything until I’m sure I’ve found the answer.

Science is limited to our current knowledge, technology, and ways of thinking. There are many things still unknown. It's irrational to dismiss something just because science hasn't proven it yet. But it's equally ridiculous to say all things are true with the excuse that science isn't perfect.

We can’t always prove something, but we can sure as hell do a whole lot to disprove it. Only when I can’t disprove it will I accept it as a possibility, and it takes personal experiences to make me believe it. So I may be "that hippie chick," but I'm also rational, sane, and science-oriented.

This skeptical approach to things does cause some trouble, though. And you'll get to hear all about it in upcoming posts!

In the meantime, share with us your approach to life. Are you quick to believe things? Or do you dismiss most everything as silly nonsense like a true, full-blown skeptic? Does your take on things cause you trouble?

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21 July 2015

Meatless Meats, Dairy-Free Milk Products, and Other Vegan Nonsense

I get questions about being vegan all the time. Some ask about nutrients like protein and fats. Others ask about baking and egg substitutes. The "why" question comes up every now and again, along with "Well, what can you eat?" But my favorite is in reference to alternative food staples like meats, yogurt, cheeses, snacks, and junk foods.

Generally speaking, people get the idea of alternatives. After all, there's a ton of food allergies out there and why shouldn't someone get to enjoy an alternative since they can't enjoy the real thing? But for vegans, it's a matter of choice. If you're choosing not to eat meat. If you're choosing not to eat dairy. If you're choosing not to eat the real thing, why, then, are you seeking out alternatives?

It's a no-brainer that just because we're vegan doesn't mean we don't like tasty foods. But why do we try out alternative chicken to find one we like? Why do we hunt down recipes for the best vegan cheesecake? Why should we care if the vegan mayo doesn't taste a thing like regular mayo?

Usually we just say the alternatives are around because most of us weren't raised vegan. We ate meat and/or dairy at some point and still remember it. Most other foods we once enjoyed regularly have some form of animal product in them, so they're out now too. But I'll tell you, that's just nonsense.

Up until very recently, most of the alternatives just plain sucked and no cow-muncher-turned-vegan ever loved the taste of any of them at the start. (I, myself, couldn't stand the taste of the available dairy-free cheeses and several other options until over a year after making the switch.)

But then yesterday I came up with the real answer. It's the answer anyone from such an individualistic and self-centered society (bonus points for the non-conformists) hates to admit.

Walking through the grocery store with Gabe, I said to him, "I can't wait until they make vegan string-cheese so you can enjoy that." Well that's silly, isn't it?

No, not really. I mean, I want my son to get to enjoy things I enjoyed as a child, but I also want him to remain vegan until he's old enough to understand and make the choice for himself. (Yes, I'm one of those, "It's his body. Who am I to decide for him?" types.) Alternatives to meat and dairy-based foods for vegans are getting tastier and tastier, and easier to find. I love that I have these things to add variety for my son.

And I take comfort in knowing they're around to make him feel normal.

There it is. That's the sole reason for alternatives. We are a minority who are usually treated pretty mean (we may not be getting fired over it, but we certainly face prejudice regularly even from those we love). Thank you, deeply ingrained lies. You've made those of us who are different stick out like sore thumbs yet again. Now we have to make our food like your food so we can fake fitting in. *sigh*

But hey, I'm not complaining. I very much like my alternatives and it's not like there's people standing outside the grocery stores protesting about them. There's actually a growing movement toward accepting the alternatives to help non-vegans cut back on meat and dairy consumption for health reasons.

Fake meats and non-dairy versions of dairy products may seem like nonsense to you, but I enjoy my yummy "fake" food and my son won't be made to feel like an outcast when his packed lunch has lunch meats, puddings, cheese and crackers, and milks just like the other kids'.

What are you thoughts? Do you enjoy meat and dairy alternatives? Or do you think those of us who do are just silly?

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20 July 2015

Long Car Rides with a Baby = Endless Paranoia

If you're a parent, you know how this one goes: You put your little one in his or her car seat, start the car, and take off. Baby nods off, dozing quietly, and then the head tilts. Drastically. The flood of thoughts and emotions mix. There's the, "Aw, isn't he adorable?" to the "How can she be comfortable like that?" and "Will she be sore later?" Then there's me.

My son, Gabe, and I drove from Colorado back to the east coast. On the first day, he fell asleep the second I started the car. And he stayed asleep. For hours. Most of that time, his head was at a very sharp angle and after a couple hours of not moving an inch, I started to get worried. I mean, like bad worried. Like, I was speeding ridiculously fast to get to the next stretch of civilization so I could pull over safely to check on him bad worried.

To illustrate the rest of the story, I bring you my first ever rage comic.

while driving, baby is asleep, momma is freaking out that he might be dead, baby wakes up and she knows he's fine, baby falls back to sleep and momma starts worrying all over again
His head was at such a sharp angle for so long, I convinced myself that he manged to restrict airflow to his lungs. I was a complete wreck! He was happy as could be, probably dreaming about boobs. Go figure.

Just as Gabe isn't the only baby to sleep with his head at an awkward angle, I know I'm not the only parent to have this moment. How did it go for you? Were you as paranoid as I was? How did you handle it? Let us know below!

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14 July 2015

What's the Meaning of This? Bewitching Momma Introductions

Hey there. Welcome to Bewitching Momma. Get comfy and have a seat wherever you like around the campfire. I've got plenty of stories to share with you, and I know you've got a lot of your own. So don't be shy! Chime in and share as much as you want.

So let me tell you what happened. I put a lot of stuff on hold when I was pregnant. Postpartum complications nearly killed me, so I took my sweet time picking things back up. I was just getting into a groove while balancing a baby on my hip. Then out of freakin' nowhere, my husband reveals he conned me to get a son, doesn't want a wife, and see you, bye. He takes off, leaving me alone with a 6 1/2 month old, a pending eviction, no money, a car in need of repairs, a nearly nonexistent support network, and a cross-country move to plan and pull off.

It was rough, but I managed to get it done. Because that's who I am. I get through what others think is impossible. But that's who we all are with the right motivators, and my son is the ultimate. So I took things as they came. I talked to others as I needed to. And I dug down into the dirt and harvested bundles full of humor and threw it at every obstacle.

And that's where the seeds of Bewitching Momma were born. Family and friends kept telling me to write a blog. I've had so much happen to me, so much I've done in life, and no matter what, I find a way to bring laughter whenever I talk about any of it. So many of my stories could help others, and I've wanted to share them for a while.

This is me getting personal. No more biting my tongue for fear of bad PR. No more holding back and hiding. No more keeping the good jokes to myself because someone somewhere might get offended. It's time for me to show how bewitching this momma is.

And I'm looking forward to you all doing the same. So go ahead and share your intros below!

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