15 September 2015

Reading Fun for the Week of September 14th through 20th 2015

Wow. Talk about a major hiccup there. This post should have gone out yesterday morning, but I guess the alignment of some random thing or another just didn't let it happen (or I screwed up. I do that sometimes). Sorry for the delay. Here's this week's reading.

We're starting off with the Celestial Tarot deck again. This is a simple one-card reading for what Bewitching Momma readers this week need to know.

King of Cups

Emotions are front and center this week. Do your best to stand firm as what you send out will be taken at face value. Inside, you may want to scream and holler, but what the people and situations around you need right now is a level head; someone who can navigate them through these emotional waters. You may need to seek guidance to help you do this. Just be sure to look for someone or something that will help you keep control of your emotions. Follow the example that keeps you calm and successful and you will become that example for those around you.

Did you do a reading for this week? What results did you get? Have a different interpretation? Be sure to check back and let us know how your week goes!

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13 September 2015

And We’re Back

It’s been crazy on our end between moving and settling in again. Gabe had an ear infection our third day here. Little guy scared the life out of me going from his normally hyperactive, stop-for-nothing self to a snuggly baby with no interest in playing. Thankfully we caught it right at the start and he got over that snugglyness quick. As a first time mom, I now understand what other seasoned moms mean when they say you’ll know when your baby is sick!

Things are moving along now that we’re all set up. With much needed support readily available, there won’t be any more delays in posts. I'm excited to get right back into the swing of things! Check back in tomorrow for the return of our weekly readings.

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