Who is this Bewitching Momma chick? And what is she doing here?

Hi. I'm a whole lot of awesome! Okay, seriously now. I'm a woman with a ton of stories to share and hoping you'll join me around my campfire. See, I've been writing for years. It all started with some poetry back in 7th grade and just progressed from there. Then I found the religious words to describe all the deep and uplifting spiritual experiences in my life (was claiming Wicca, but nowadays I just stick with Witch). That same time, I finally had Internet access and cue an obsession with online diaries, message forums, communities, and websites (a nerd was born!).

Those 3 worlds have been interlocked for me ever since. I built websites and communities specific to Wicca and Witchcraft. I wrote online articles on religious topics. I published a novel filled with mythology and steeped in metaphysical knowledge. But that's just Evylyn Rose in a nutshell. (She's a bit too involved in her little world. I hope you'll forgive her.)

Bewitching Momma is a branching out of the old Evy and embracing the transformation from Maiden to Mother. It's stepping away from throwing information at you and stepping into inviting you in for story time.  Bewitching Momma is an ongoing party; a get together to lift us up, heal our wounds, and make us laugh. This is the new Evylyn showing her full colors and showing you it's safe and okay for you to do the same.

We're all awesome, amazing, tantalizing, charming, enchanting, seductive, and - best of all - bewitching! So join me as I get our stories flowing. Bewitching Momma will feature posts about parenting, relationships, religion, philosophy, pets, military, life challenges, and whatever else pops up along the way. Sometimes I'll tell you a long story, sometimes just a blurb, other times I'll get really personal, or just post a funny picture. (I'll even throw in some psychic readings just for the hell of it.) But I will always ask for you to take your turn.

We sit together around the campfire for warmth, company, light, healing, and laughter. It's through sharing our stories that the fire keeps burning. Here at Bewitching Momma, that's what it's all about.


Ann Marie Hobbs said...

Looking forward to your stories.

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